Monday, May 13, 2013

Art in Action donor group - studio visit at 1890 Bryant

We had an exceptionally fun studio visit this weekend with the wonderful Art in Action donor group from Palo Alto, organized by Pamela Hornik and Denise Shackleton. What else do you need on a Saturday but some coffee from coffee bar, great food catered from La Boulange, Mimosas, home made quiche (!) and two working studios full of artists and all kinds of interesting stuff- like Transamerica pyramids made out of Jell-O (it is Gel Wax, actually)?

Thanks to my fabulous studio mates Liz Hickok, Sarah Newton, Sonya Philip, Heidi McDowell, Jon McNeal and Kirsten Tradowsky who were there to entertain and share their work with us. Let's do this again soon.

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