Thursday, December 31, 2009

May You, In Twenty-Ten

I wanted to share this poem, written by my wonderful friend Paula Tejeda, originally posted on facebook on December 28 2009.
Enjoy the last day of this strange but productive year.
And, as always, all the best to everyone.


May You, In Twenty-Ten

May You, in 2010:
fool the IRS,
avoid parking tickets,
an increase on the rent,
or getting evicted.

May You, in 2010:
register your car on line,
not bounce a single check,
get your college loan subsidized,
evade getting into debt.

May You, in 2010:
forget about the mortgage,
the hoarding of newspapers,
pack your luggage,
to a city with skyscrapers.

May You, in 2010:
find a jeweler for that brooch,
organize your stockings and scarves,
get the shoemaker to repair your boots,
avoid them mounds of dirty wash.

May You, in 2010:
not lose friends nor relatives to politics,
dare to follow a passion,
not be ruled by economics,
keep your mind an ageless atom.

May You, in 2010:
Wake up, each day, inspired,
meditate, practice yoga, ride a bicycle,
eat the organic vegetables required,
and see insurance companies liable.

May You, in 2010:
see lawful marriage for gays,
and divorce for every everyone else,
a city of cyclists and caf├ęs
with jazz singers in black pearls.

May You, in 2010:
make time to groom,
to anticipate a waltz,
wearing a dab of expensive perfume,
after soaking in fine salts.

May You, in 2010:
get your roommates to evaporate,
slouch in but your thong,
the flat yours to self adorate,
sighing to a sad song.

May You, in 2010:
enjoy “le charme discret de la bourgeoisie,”
toasting to fine wines,
in the company of bohemians,
that prefer smoking pot to discussing politics.

May You, in 2010:
not be subjected to pettiness,
pick out the fakes,
keep a few intimidates,
vanish the phonies like snow flakes.

May You, in 2010:
still wear your faded jeans,
dare to dive into that abyss,
feel your body charged with adrenaline,
so “ the moment you wake up… you say a little prayer for” …a kiss.

May You, in 2010:
sing in a novel language,
groove to eccentric dimensions,
carry on in spite of slander,
watch out for your intentions.

May You, in 2010:
ignore our inhumanity,
forget global warming,
that we’re on the brink of calamity,
and our planet is in mourning.

May You, in 2010:
learn to respect children,
forgive all your relatives,
make time for a pilgrim,
and ignore evangelicals.

May You, In 2010:
sparkle and swing,
as You surf this tempestuous wave,
may a lightening sting,
storming your spirit a blaze.

May You, in 2010--
continue to be… on facebook… my friend!

Paula Tejeda

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Holidays- Frohe Weihnachten

all the best to you and yours,
I'll see you in 2010.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

new figures...

Small Figure #8, 10x7

Small Figure #7, 10x7

Small Figure #6, 10x7

Small Figure #4, 8x6

Small Figure #3, 7x5

Small Figure #2, 6.5x5

Small Figure #5, 6x6

Small Figure #1, 10x8

a study for a friend inspired me to paint more figures... these are small, oil on panel.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

ETA LA II in Los Angeles- Opening Friday, Dec 4th

We couldn't be more excited to announce that ETA LA II is happening once again at Living Room on Sunset Boulevard in the uber hip Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, beginning on December 4th and remaining on exhibition until January 15th, 2010.

This time around, the 26 participating artists hail exclusively from the West coast. Here's the illustrious and brilliant ETA LA II group:

Amanda Blake
Benjamin Schlitter
Charles Adler
David Lloyd
Hugh D'Andrade
Jess Fogel
Joe Ryckebosch
Joey Remmers
Karen Kang
Kate Bingaman-Burt
Katja Leibenath
Lisa Congdon
Lynn Milosz
Marisa Haedike
Mati McDonough
Matt Adrian
Matte Stephens
Ned Evans
Rachel Robertson
Rebecca Hahn
Ryan Berkley
Sarajo Frieden
Susie Ghahremani
Ute Zaunbauer
Valerie Pensworth
Walt Hall.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, please stop by the opening at The Living Room on Friday, December 4th, from 8-10 p.m. to revel in the wonder and joy of small, amazing art. If you can't make it to the show, remember that you can purchase any of the work online (and we'll ship it to you for free)!


Contact Information:

phone: 603.433.1705

Friday, November 27, 2009

Model Behavior- Opening Thursday, 12/3

Here is a preview of the figure drawings show at Hang next Thursday 12.3.
Hope to see you there!

figure study# 35, 18x24

progress made this week...

I like these... still very much in progress.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Model Behavior- Opening Thursday, 12/3

showing figure studies and paintings by select HANG artists.

Hang Gallery
567 Sutter St
San Francisco CA

Artist reception: first Thursday in December

6PM - 8PM

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone

Julia, reading

12x16, oil on canvas

Saturday, November 21, 2009

finished work as of today

still drying.

more shipyards...

"the Streets of San Francisco" episode: "The Unicorn" is actually shot on location where I always go to paint... you should check it out, it is very interesting to see what the docks looked like in the 70s. Familiar silhouettes of the cranes and dry docks but also lots of warehouses that are completely gone...

anyway- making good progress on these.

China Basin III - work in progress

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Model Behavior" show at Hang Gallery, Dec 1 - 15

save the date:

Model Behavior

a group exhibition

Artists Reception: First Thursday, December 3, 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates: December 1-15

"Little Jewels" show, Atlanta, Georgia. Nov 21- Dec 24.

coming up: show at the beautiful Huff Harrington gallery owned by Ann Huff and Meg Harrington. "Little Jewels", Opening Saturday November 21.

Huff Harrington Fine Art, 4240 Rickenbacker Drive,

Atlanta, Georgia 30342, Phone: 404.257.0511

They put this very nice introduction of me and my work on their website:

"In addition to some of our regular favorite artists who have produced

Little Jewels for this show, we are delighted to introduce Katja Leibenath,

a wonderful German artist whose work caught our eye when we first saw it.

This show features Katja's plein air studies of the Boat Basin in the San Francisco bay,

and offers glimpses of this artist's ability to capture the joys of the details in the mundane and every day life.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


567 Sutter Street, San Francisco

Artist reception November 5 from 6-8 pm

November 1-15

Group Exhibition

Jeff Dikio | Katja Leibenath | Eddie Rodriguez | Catherine Saiki

progress today: Cadmium flash

Please note that this work is very much in progress and still in "underpainting" mode. All my paintings go through lots of layers and phases, the final palette will probably be the opposite of the colors you see here.

This is going to be a new series, starting out with 18 pieces, from 6x6 to 48x36,
the next level of California Landscapes, I am very excited...

Just got back into my routine after an eventful summer. Glad fall is finally here, love the smell of rain and fireplaces and wearing jeans and boots again.