Saturday, June 25, 2011

work currently available at the studio

Riverbank #22, 14x22

Riverbank #09, 20x20

China Basin #60, 30x30

China Basin #51, 6x6

China Basin #64, 36x36

b/w photos of new work compositions

originals are in color

40x60 diptych From SFAI

42x30 Night Alley

40x60 diptych View from the Studio Fire Escape 

40x60 diptych Alley behind Blick

20x16 Alley off 6th

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

today - work in progress

one of the new cityscapes in progress

studio update

first sketches for the small cityscapes
canvas prepped for a diptych
cigar boxes from my dad, all primed and ready to paint

what we brought back

sketches from the Baltic Sea

colorful sugar packs from Zurich

airport lounge sketches

Baltic Sea

Low tide at the Baltic Sea is so fascinating- the water goes completely away for miles and miles and people start walking towards the islands.
Insel Neuwerk in the background - per foot four hours away.
a deep channel for the large ships crossing the sea.
horse carriages have been going across the mud to the islands for centuries

Baden Baden

traveling in the old country


traditional bread dumpling soup
Kloster Eberbach - the Name of the Rose was filmed here