Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

sneak peek of work in progress

U N D E R P A I N T I N G S 

January 2013

Work in progress, just started-
Inspired by views and structures around Burrows Ct., the new series is called Portola.

A word about the process:
The colorful studies above are just the underpaintings.

Not much of them will be visible once the pieces are finished and most of the bright color will go away. 

This is one of many stages the paintings go through- this one mostly being about figuring out composition. As similar as they look at this point, soon they will be out of 'underpainting' mode- once I start working on the actual painting, the similarities go away.

Right now I can only work on them a little bit every day- because of the cold in the studio the paint dries very slowly and layering is more difficult if the paint is still wet. 
I am SO excited about this new series! I enjoy the process, but I also can't wait to see them all together, all finished.