Thursday, August 14, 2014

what happened in August

Remember how, a few months ago, Pinterest thought the only space in the city good enough for them would be the San Francisco Design Center, because it is so pretty and made of brick and just the only building pin-worthy in all the Bay Area?

No other office space would do, even though there still seems to be plenty of it. The Design Center had to be converted from coveted PDR space into office space, just for them to be happy. And they are a big company after all.

And the city said no.
And the current tenants were so happy.
And then the landlord raised their rents. Astronomically.

In short, my gallery is closing. John McEvoy Fine Art is closing end of this month after 20 years in business. I know it is not Pinterests fault. Maybe nobody is to blame and it is just the way things go.
It still makes me not want to paint. At all. Because, if galleries keep closing, how am I going to sell my work?

If you were making, let's say, liquor, and all the liquor stores that sell your stuff were closing, it would be pretty clear to you that the place needs no more liquor, no? So there.

I am contemplating Detroit, just to be far away from San Francisco- or from what San Francisco wants to be all of a sudden. Of course I am not going. But I am so, so sad.

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