Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

about narrative

It is possible that I was not entirely being honest- mostly not with myself. Of course there is narrative in the "from the model" paintings. Seriously... a few days before I had just lost one of my best friends since high school and I was staying with his wife and family while I painted them, how could they not be a major depiction of complete sadness over losing an amazing and talented friend way too early.
Just now I look at the figures and see everything they reflect. Up until a few days ago it was all "no, I'm fine, totally fine, really. REALLY. I'm FINE." Well, maybe I wasn't and maybe I am not. Sorry about the denial.

I am posting this link to his last song. He was a great musician and shot his own videos. This one he made, being very sick already, last winter. Lyrics by another friend, Andreas Rumpf. Voice and Video - Sebastian Matz.