Monday, February 20, 2017

Selections 2017 - ArtSpan SF Gala at Heron Arts

If you ever need anything Art Deco, FIRST, talk to Oran at Relic Vintage on Haight Street.
Rainy weekday mornings are the best time to shop on in the Haight. Everyone's got time to talk to you.
Getting your hair done with Kylie is like therapy. Thank you @kirstentradowsky for the recommendation!
For any retro hair style, make your appointment early- Kylie at PublicBarber on Geary. Completely amazing.
everything finally together.
Joen and Allison with ArtSpan - power team

lovely tables all set up
Heron Arts on Heron, great space!!
Studio colleagues Vince Koloski and Lea Feinstein from the Revere Studios next to Mission artists Catherine Mackey, Rodney Ewing, Randy Beckelheimer and Ytalena Lopez.

Special drink- lots of cranberry and soda and a splash of bourbon.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Selections 2017

I'm happy to announce that my work will be part of this year's ArtSpan SELECTIONS and on display at the ArtSpan Gala on Saturday, February 11, at Heron Arts in San Francisco.

This is a true San Francisco Gala, and if you can still get tickets it's highly recommended. Tickets start at $300 and proceeds support all ArtSpan programs. There will also be a free artist reception on Sunday.

I'll be in superb company- among this year's Selections artists are Catherine Mackey, Rodney Ewing, Carlo Abruzzese, Randy Beckelheimer and my Revere Studio colleagues Vince Koloski and Lea Feinstein.

I hope to see you there!